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The Paths of the Occult Nowadays II.
junio 1, 2011, 5:39 pm
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I’m going to return to a past post, The Paths of the Occult Nowadays, since I would like to talk a little more about the same topic. We talked about astrology, Feng Shui, symbols and some other things. Let’s go now to another topic: angels.

Angel, from the greek angelos, messenger. Angels are spiritual messengers. We usually call angels to all kind of spiritual beings acting between us and God, but the truth is that there is a whole hierarchy where “angels” are on the lowest site and, therefore, are the closest ones to us.

And let us say that angels are part of the jewish, christian and islamic traditions basically. Even though there are spiritual beings in other religions or traditions they don’t fall in the same description or category.

Angels are spiritual beings, therefore they don’t have a physical body, it is said that we see and represent them in a humanized form because that is the way we have of “understanding” them. According to our physical experience not all of us can understand or visualize an energy being, so our mind dresses him/her with atributes it can understand.

Angels have always been there, but suddenly a lot of “channels” began appearing everywhere and that’s where it is necessary to execute caution and analyze things.

A channel is someone who is capable of reaching a mental state high enough to perceive the messages dictated by an angel or archangel. Such messages usually have spiritual content, focus on the development of humanity or, some other times, deal with things to come. The person capable of making this kind of contact must have reached certain spiritual development, but the truth is that there are different kind of channels.

The ones who really are capable of making contact with angelic entities. The ones who have certain psychic capacities, who might believe they are contacting angels, but the truth is that they contact with spirits or entities who are not angelic, but have fun passing as them; some of these might be spirits more or less developed, but others might be mere human spirits who want to stick around the earthly plane and grasp to any chance of being taken into account.

There also are the ones who believe they are contacting spiritual entities, but are making contact with their innermost I, of course it will reveal you truths, but it is not an angel. And, finally, the ones whose one and great hability is to contact with their followers wallet. People who cheat with the only goal of making money.

How not to get lost in a world where there is no physical proof of what is said or felt? It’s not too hard. The first thing you must do is to observe how the person is, does he/she really acts as an advanced spirit? Being spiritually advanced doesn’t mean to dress up with oriental clothes and act like if you are in a continued state of meditation or trascendece. All of these might be part of an act prepared to attract the gullible. A developed being lives a quiet life, accepts people as they are, helps without shouting it to the world, needs no spotlights and shares what he knows. Can he/she be famous? They can, but they don’t need it.

Someone who, first of all, focuses in your wallet and in how much you can “donate” should make yourself ask if he really is what he says. Even though we are in slippery ground. There are honest people who earn life through esoterism and, so, they have to charge a price for their work, but one thing is to charge a decent price, maybe even symbolic, and a different one to try and get the most money from someone with different excuses.

Once you have analysed the person you might already have taken a decision, but if you still doubt, analyse the messages. Do they really talk about things that will help your spiritual development? Or do they focus on negative things? The messages tend to present the “channel” as “indispensable”?

It might not be easy to spot the truth, but false channels, sooner or later, always make big mistakes, as do false prophets, too.


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