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Astrology and Marriage
mayo 2, 2011, 11:53 pm
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They say love moves the world. What would life be without love? But love and marriage don’t always go together. Marriage is but a signed contract between two persons. In ancient times, especially among important families, it was quite common to set a marriage based on political, economic, or status motives. Even though the practice has decreased it hasn’t dissappeared at all. To tell the truth, many a marriage is based on money or status reasons. This is not necessarily wrong if nobody gets hurt.

History of the world is full with traditions, beliefs and superstitions regarding weadings, from the right date to get married to the proper way of celebrating them. There used to be difficult dates when nobody would dare to get married, but so were days (or years, in the case of the Chinese) when happy marriages were expected and everybody took advantage.

In Rome, May was a month consacrated to the ancestors, and they believed that spirits would mix themselves with the living. Because of this, since ancient times and until Middle Ages, it was forbidden to get married in May, to avoid marriage with a ghost or an enchanted woman from the Other World.

All you have to do is remember the stories of fairies, witches, mermaids and beings from “the other side” that get married with mortals, hiding their real personality or setting very specific terms for the marriage to last. We find them in many cultures. And when the real personality of the wife is found out or the terms of the marriage broken, she goes back to her world.

The first day of May is especially important, taking in account that, for celts and european people of old times, days began at sunset the 30th and ended at sunset the 1st. During the night, in northen and central Europa, the Walpurgis Night was celebrated. During this night the doors between our world and the world of spirits and faeries opened. But the 1st was also the time for Beltane, to welcome spring with rites that surely were related with fertility.

In our times, brides still try to fullfill a series of traditions to secure their happiness and the marriage of those still single. Something new, something borrowed, something used, something blue, throwing away their bouquet to women, and her garter to men…All of this to secure her happiness.

Can astrology help you to choose a good marriage? Yes, of course, if you are willing to listen.

If you can’t consult an astrologer to get a good date for your wedding, you can always say that the times or days ruled by Venus are, generally, romantic and good for marriage. This is, the signs of Taurus and Libra and Fridays are good times. So is Cancer, representing home, and familiy. And why not get married at noon? The Sun will be on the top of heaven, the 10th House of success, as high as we can get. My teacher used to wonder why people would choose a Saturday night to get married. Well, socially speaking, everybody will come to my wedding if I get married Saturday night, but it’s Saturn day, and during the night. Saturn is a slow planet, if it has difficult aspects it will affect the newly born couple for a very long time. If it is well aspected it will provide strong foundations to the marriage and might last for many years. Better a Friday, with the love of Venus or a Sunday, with the light of success and happiness coming from the Sun.

If you ask me, I don’t think these are good times for getting married on a Saturday, Saturn is squaring Pluto and opposing Venus and Mercury. Not a Go for me, even if we are in Taurus.

If you have the possibility of getting in touch with an astrologer then you have the option of taking a look at your sinastry. The astrological study called sinastry gives you an idea of how compatible you are with your partner. Sinastry not only applies for marriages, it can also be used for any kind of relationship, family, friendship, work, bussiness, love.

When you look at the natal charts of a couple you start analyzing their planets, giving greater importance to the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury, since these ones will tell us how each one sees life, how they feel, how they love, how they communicate and how they perceive sex, it also tells us about how they see money and the way they interact socially. You also take a look into their own family affairs. With all these you can tell a couple which are their strong points and on which areas they’ll have to work harder to get along well. No perfect couple exists, but there are couples willing to build strong and solid relationships, with a future ahead.

For a sinastry to be useful you must keep an open mind, knowing that, both you and your couple are human beings with different needs. By analyzing the sinastry chart you can find out things you didn’t know, or choose not to know, not only regarding your couple but also you. Are you brave enough to look at your real self? To work on your own development while supporting your couple? If the sinastry shows too many differences, will you be able to re-evaluate the relationship?

Besides, astrology can also help you to choose the best date for your marriage, thinking how it will be developing in the future.

All of these doesn’t mean there won’t be problems or difficult situations, it just means that you will have at hand the necessary tools to solve them and go on. The best thing for a couple is that both of them develop at the same rate and have joint objectives. That they become co-creators of their lives. If one of them starts walking while the other stays still, sooner or later problems will arise, and goodbyes. So what better way of starting than by taking a look, together, to their sinastry chart.

(In Caput Draconis we can help you with your sinastry)


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