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Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Aries
abril 23, 2011, 12:26 am
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Neptune in Pisces.

 Neptune entered Pisces in early April. What does it mean? For a start, Neptune is the lord of the sign (with the help of Jupiter), this is his house, his kingdom. The kingdom of Pisces is found in the deep waters representing the cosmos, the spiritual world, the high ideals, dreams and utopias, imagination, music, poetry, mysticism, sacrifice. A world where daily life and reality are left behind.

This sounds beautiful, to think of universal fraternity, to get away from the material world to step into the spiritual world, becoming one with the cosmos. Yes, it sounds nice, but it might lead us into a trap. Neptune is also related with cheating, anesthetics, drugs, alcoholism, fog, nightmares, everything that is hidden in the deepest places, like petroleum. An excess of Neptunian energies can lead us away from reality, we might start seeing things in an delusive way. We might feel overwhelmed by reality and try to escape from it by using drugs or daydreaming while we neglect our real life.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces was between 1847 and 1861. Those were the years when Marx developed his theories, people like Edison, Graham Bell, Tesla, Bram Stoker, Paul Gauguin, and Rimbaud were born. Wagner created the opera Lohengin. The pre-raphaelites developed their artistic movement. The First Universal Exposition, in London, opened. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written, and some countries abolished slavery.

Marx and Engels tried to create a better life for workers; inventors who later on would change the world thanks to their imagination were born. The world of poetry is touched by drugs  in the case of writers like Baudelaire and Rimbaud; Gauguin trying to escape from European society in search for an ideal paradise, in Polynesia; the artistic movement of pre-Raphaelites, recreating a ancient world of legends, heroes, and maidens, as so did Wagner. In Mexico, in 1847, we suffered the North American Intervention war and we can find an example of heroism and sacrifice for an ideal in the Niños Héroes (the heroic boys). In 1861, with Neptune leaving Pisces idealism and entering the warrior sign of Aries, the Civil War started in USA.

Yes, Neptune in Pisces can help us to be better, to fight for ideals that are not only ours, but of humanity, but you’ve got to stay alert so as not to fall into self delusion, or be fooled by supposed messiahs or utopian dreams that lead nowhere. Fog is not only a natural phenomena that forbids us from seeing the path and the objects, there’s also a mental fog that confuses and leads us away from the real objectives. When we are down deep we can find treasures, but there’s also darkness that might trap us.

With Neptune in Pisces the use of drugs and alcohol can rise.  Anesthetics can have a stronger effect and our dreams and nightmares become more vivid. Our dream cycle can be affected, we might need to oversleep or, on the contrary, suffer from insomnia. With Neptune in Pisces we can expect good things for movies, theatre, music, poetry. Events related with petroleum. We can expect the ideals of freedom that have been generating the latest revolutionary movements in the world to go on. We can expect spiritual changes, a rise in mysticism, people reaching for disciplines like yoga, and a rise in intuition, telepathy, and other psychic powers.

Venus in Aries.

 Venus just left Pisces to enter Aries, it left behind the world of love dreams, of ideals, to enter a war zone. It left it’s sign of exaltation to enter in detriment. Venus, the planet of spiritual love, art, marriage, refinement is in a sign that represents, apparently, the opposing things, a warrior sign, not refined, but wanderer, adventurer, at the beginning of its development, where “I” is more important than “Us”. Venus is lord of Taurus and Libra, that is the next and the opposing signs to Aries. What can we say from this? Many things.

Let’s go, for a moment, to mythology, Venus is the roman version of the Greek Aphrodite, with the same attributes of beauty and love. Aphrodite was born from the ocean foam (and Venus has just left the oceans of Pisces), she wasn’t born from the gods, but was accepted as one in the Olympus. There, she became the wife of Hephaestus or Vulcan, the blacksmith god, ugly and crippled, but she had a love adventure with Ares (Mars), the war god. They felt attracted to each other, and that caused them problems with Hephaestus, who set a trap for them and exhibited them to the rest of the gods. In ancient times, part of the Aphrodite cult included the sacred prostitution of her priestesses, an aspect that many times is forgotten.

From here we can tell that in all truth Venus is not repelled from Aries, ruled by Mars, but that a part of her is attracted by him, by that “otherness” that seems to be the opposite of what she is looking for. Why? Because the truth is that Aries and Libra are not opposing but complementary signs, they complete each other in equilibrium.

Mars in Aries focuses in “I”, it’s the beginning of a path of evolution that, through the twelve signs of the zodiac, ends in the moment when the individual I melts with the universe, the “We Are One” of Pisces. But the second step of this evolution is found through Venus in Taurus. There he discovers that he’s not the only one, that the world does not turns around him and that there’s a partner waiting for him. Although in this moment they are still “You and Me”, they go on, evolving, until they reach Libra, where they become “Us”.

Venus in Aries becomes passionate, it forgets the social limits from Libra. It is reminded of the importance of “I”, because, sometimes, the excess of “Us” leads to situations where it might loose it’s identity o forget it’s own needs, objectives and wishes while trying to avoid harming the entity called “Us”.

With Venus in Aries, art can find great impulse, new and aggressive movements might appear (not violent ones, but strong, breaking the established ones). Sexuality can become more open, strong, intense, even a little crazy and unexpected, since Venus is in conjunction with Uranus and Lilith and in square with Pluto (although we mustn’t forget that Saturn is in Libra, talking about responsibility and stability in marriage).

So, even if Venus looks to be weak in Aries, the truth is that it’s effects will be really interesting by the aspects it has with other planets. Let’s see what comes out from art, sex and love, and how war and sports are affected by Venus.

By the way, just a curiosity, but this is a good time for candies covered with chili powder.


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