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The paths of the occult nowadays
abril 13, 2011, 10:24 pm
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We are in an opening era, esoteric knowledge is out for everyone after being hidden for centuries. This is good, marvelous, but should be handled responsibly. Because it’s not about grabbing everything or following the first one that comes your way; as always, there are still charlatans and people trying to get rich with your money.

You’ve got to use your own criteria, analize what is being offered to you, if possible, compare and get more information. It’s just like going to the doctor, if he offers you a difficult or expensive solution to your problems you’d surely look for a second opinion. In this case it’s the same. Astrology, energetic healing, yoga, feng shui, etc. They can be wonderful tools and help you to solve problems, and they are there, at hand’s reach for everyone.

We’re in a time where everything is fast, beautiful and cheap, user accesible, “fast food”, “consumer friendly”, you solve everything with a clik, you solve everything reading some book. We have “mac-hamburgers”, “”mac-astrology”” and “”mac-feng shui””, all ready to take, wrapped in pink paper. Isn’t this civilization’s climax? You don’t need to leave your house, with a clik they are at your front door or on your computer/smart phone’s screen.

What would an ancient initiate would say? The esoteric road wasn’t easy, it implied effort, time, difficulties, obedience. But all this had a an end, the student who reached the end of the road had trained his will, his mind, his ego. His body, mind and feelings were in balance. He knew, felt, understood, was humble when faced with the inmensity of the cosmos and was responsible for his deeds. Even more, there wasn’t a market pushing him with its wild rules for selling and buying. And don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against earning your life through esoterism, that’s what I do, but I’m against the ones that take advantage of people without any real knowledge, just looking for money.

So, which criteria should you follow to walk the paths of the occult?

In ancient times, knowledge was transmited from the teacher’s mouth to the pupil’s ear. When they began writing it down, they intentionally introduced mistakes, so that not everyone would be able to understand; you still needed a teacher to guide you. Books on magic, astrology, alchemy, with imperceptible errors to the untrained student or written in a symbolic language difficult to descipher. This kind of books are still on print, with their mistakes, however, new occultism writers are handing out the same information for their readers in a clear way. If you are just curious, reading a book might be enough, but if your intention is to become a practitioner it’s still important to have a guide, a teacher who has already walk the path you intend to follow.

Astrology has many forms, from the esoteric to the practical astrology that many psychologists, attracted by the beauty of this tool that grants access to the human psique, practice. We have occidental and vedic astrology; chinese, aztecs, mayas and many more had their own techniques to cast horoscopes, even though they didn’t use the planets for it. And then we have the daily paper astrology, “”mac-astrology””. Does it work? As a guide, just that; to create these little predictions an astrologer takes the general aspects of a sign for the given day or week. But the general aspects are going to affect everybody in a different way, taking into account their personal ascendants. As I said, they are just guides, supposing they were written by an astrologer and not by somebody getting payed to invent them. Nothing can replace a good natal chart calculated and interpreted by someone who really knows.

Feng Shui: the key to solve your life while you decorate your house, isn’t it? Well, traditional chinese feng shui is based on an astrological analysis of the client. They won’t give any advice without knowing the elements that conform their client. Is he water? Fire? What’s best for him? There’s another system, of the 9 stars, based on the anual configuration of these to counsel people on cures to minimize the negative and boost the positive.

And there’s also “”mac-feng shui””. Personally I think this has become a kind of mixed salad where you can throw everything you want to give it flavor, at least in my country (Mexico). Let’s say it’s a do-it-yourself feng shui: here’s your colured map, this is your home’s door and that’s it. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad until now, problems start when you mix elements from other systems with feng shui.

I’d like to open a parenthesis here, to talk about systems and symbols for a moment. It won’t take long, I promise. Every system has its own elements and symbols and works only with them. It’s like a car from a specific brand, each has it’s own motor and components specifically designed for it. If I put a piece from a different brand in my car, I’d have trouble making it work, unless it’s got the same specifications. It’s the same for any system.

A symbol is an image, a concept that works at a subconscious level. My rational mind could try to analyze it, but it’s not destined for it. Symbols are universal, but they are not limited to a meaning or system. Take for example a five-pointed star: in a cabalistic system I can relate it with Mars, in a magic system I can relate it with the 5 elements (water, air, earth, fire, and ether) and magic itself, but it is also the symbol of Wicca religion and, for a little child, a golden or silver star in my forehead means he did something right and got a reward. Besides, a five-pointed star is a conventional way of representing any star in the sky.

Right, back with feng shui as a means of transforming energy with elements, symbolic or not. Let’s try a practical example, the corner of love. They recommend to place a couple of “anything” in that corner. Traditionally, a couple of mandarin ducks, which are sometimes changed for a couple of hummingbirds in Mexico. This adjusment works on a symbolic level for Mexico. Why? Because mandarin ducks might not tell us anything, but, traditionally, we associate the hummingbird with love; a hummingbird makes a great amulet for love. But I doubt if this adjustment would work in an european country where they don’t even have hummingbirds.

Now, there are other changes that leave me thinking, does the person that recommended it knew what he was doing? The other day I heard a lady asking for a Tetragrammaton as part of a feng shui remedy for her house, she was to put it on the wall above her bed as protection. And, on top of that, she was to be careful that the cup was standing heads up, if the cup were heads down she might lose her money. A tetragrammaton for feng shui? This is a cabalistic symbol corresponding to the Mars sephira because it’s, basically, a pentagram that owes its name to the fact that it contains the 4 letters of the sacred name Yave, but its symbolism is much wider. And the cup has nothing to do with money, it represents the element of water: emotions and feelings.

I think I have talked for too long now, but the topic stands for more. I’ll leave it open for another entry, meanwhile I’d like to know what you think, if you have questions or personal anecdotes, feel free to share them.


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